Pro-Black Sheep (2009) – [Full movie]



From Clayton Broomes, Jr. Class of 1992.

As part of a strategy to market myself better as a filmmaker, I decided to put out my first feature film, the award winning Pro-Black Sheep, onYouTube for all who haven’t seen it yet, but only for a limited time.

It’s an oldie but goodie. Shot on Standard Definition in 1997, just as the HD era ushered in, with a 4 man crew, a cast of thousands and a million locations (I’m fabricating of course). But this was what true guerrilla filmmaking used to be all about. I was the writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor and a few other things not worth mentioning. It was made for $14,000.

Starring Alfred Rutherford, Ellie Foumbi, Keith Johnston, Robbie Morgan, Tracy Mazyck, Willie Hill, Shannon Foster, Luwana Arthur, Stephen Hill, Michael Bernstein, Christine Tracy, Susan Olupitan, Ernest Perry, Ramcess Jean-Louis, Virginia Crawford, James McKnight, Ransel Sangster and Christopher Howard.

Film Festivals: 2009 Roxbury Film Festival, 2009 NY African Diaspora Film Festival, 2010 Pan African Film Festival, 2010 San Francisco Black Film Festival, 2010 Black International Cinema Berlin, 2010 Black Harvest Film Festival

Watch, comment, share. Enjoy.